Finally, Kanu IPOB leader released another mixtape from Jerusalem ‘Unmasks’ Buhari,

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Again, the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu, has released another mix tape about Nigeria
  that the man in Aso Rock is not president Muhammadu Buhari, and making more revelations to back his claims.

In his words,

“My name is Nnamdi Kanu and I must preach this very gospel.”“Elohim told me that, if Buhari gets my message, he will collapse.”“And then, I wrote to him and he collapsed.”

“They don’t know who they are playing with. I see things before it happens. Some say, I am a Prophet, I preach the message, Elohim has given to me.”

“Have you asked why, Buhari zoomed off with Presidential jet on the 17th of January and landed in Casablanca, for Life support. Wherever they are now, they are suffering from cold, I will expose them.”

” Every force put together in Nigeria, cannot match IPOB intelligence.”“My good friend Femi Kayode, is intelligent and writes very brilliant essays, as he exposed Fulani in one of them.”

“I don’t want to talk about Atiku Abubakar now, but he should be very careful.”

 “Do you remember when Aisha came back from Saudi Arabia and was asked, where she was coming from and she said “I went to perform a lesser hajj”, she was actually coming back from burying her husband. But, most of you can’t reason.”

 “Jubril was paid 250million Dollars Cash to impersonate Buhari and now, they want him to recontest.They cover things up, with their false media. Owu ji suni ndi AIT.”

“When you go to the University for One Year in a programme that should last for Five Years, due to strike actions, you won’t know, the Man in Aso Rock is Jubril.
As soon as I said, that thing in Aso Rock is Jubril, they sent Army to come and kill me.”

” Justice Tsoho who alleged I jumped Bail, is daft.”

“Even when President Donald Trump exposed that thing in Aso Rock, by saying 

“I Don’t Want To See That Lifeless Thing Again”, most people misunderstood him.”
“I don’t care if you get upset, but I must tell you the truth. I don’t feel sorry for myself. 

I don’t blame the white men for our problems, we should blame ourselves.”
“If you can believe the junk that the young Man in his 40’s in Aso Rock is Buhari, then you must be stupid.”

“They say, our Radio station has been bought, but they are lying. Some people fell for their gimmicks, but we are live and direct.”

“Their cheap blackmails will not work. We will not vote and by next year we are going to shake them, that they may know we have come to get Biafra restored.”

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