I don’t regret resigning as Tinubu’s deputy Bucknor-Akerele

Bucknor-Akerele, a former deputy governor of Lagos State during the administration of Asiwaju said she doesn’t regret quitting as a deputy governor to Tinubu because she wants to protect her family name.

“I have no regrets in politics. If anyone says I didn’t perform well when I was in office that is their opinion. When the problems became too much, I was asked by my family to resign my appointment as the deputy governor of Lagos State. It wasn’t a case of being forced out of office.
“It was tough getting my entitlements. In fact, I had to go to court. Now, I am being paid a pension. I am not sure whether it is the correct amount, but I accept it. I have been given some entitlements but not all.
“I have never regretted my resignation. The resignation was necessary to preserve my name and integrity. More importantly, it was also necessary to preserve my family’s name.
“I have no relationship with Tinubu at the moment. How can we settle our differences when we are in different political parties?  My situation as a deputy governor under Tinubu is similar to what Governor Ambode is experiencing now. I feel sorry for Ambode because I think he has tried. But it is up to him to deal with the situation as best as he can. I also dealt with mine when I had to resign as Tinubu’s deputy and I think I am alright.
“Party with Tinubu again? I don’t know. Perhaps, if he changes his attitude, it is possible. But he usually comes to greet me when we meet at occasions and I greet him too.
“I don’t think it is up to me to reach out to him and tell him what he has done wrong to me. I think his conscience should be able to tell him what he did wrong to me. I didn’t wrong him.”

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