Stella Dimokokorkus berates Linda Ikeji for allegedly stealing her exclusive content

Stella Dimokokorkus berates

Top Nigerian Blogger, Stella Dimoko Korkus has called out her fellow top blogger, Linda Ikeji for lifting her exclusive content.

Stella who took to her Instagram account to post a subtle message asked for her due credit the next time Linda wants to lift an interview she (Stella) conducted.
"Linda the next time you want to lift an interview I did, there is something called GIVING CREDIT. The next time you try it again I will teach you that two can play. Enough already. Quoting an interview I did as if the interviewer does not exist is wrong. This is me talking. I fear no one and keeping quiet doesn’t mean I don’t wanna talk. Enough said!"

Stella Dimokokorkus berates

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Na jealousy dey worry this Stella, I beg go site down somewhere you want tell say you not dey copy from Linda, bloggers na copy copy.

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