Further restructuring of Nigeria won’t be helpful — ACF secretary

The Secretary-General, Arewa Consultative Forum, Mr Anthony Sani, talks about  restructuring and the clamour for the creation of state police.

“We have said this country has been restructured several times politically, economically and by geography. And even though we cannot say there should not be restructuring any more, we think any further restructuring at this point in time may not be helpful. This is more so that the term means many things to different people. We have seen more prudent management of the national resources than anything else. See how Lagos State is striving and thriving in revenue generation through improvement in taxation under the same structure which many people believe is not workable. But if we must restructure the country at all, then political parties should articulate the specifics and those opposed to restructuring must also articulate the basis for their opposition. The ensuing debates will help in no small measure to enlighten the electorate for informed judgment during elections. Multi-party democracy allows political parties to represent distinct approaches to addressing national concerns as contained in the party manifesto which they use and campaign for electoral mandate which they need for execution. It is not for some select people in a geopolitical zone or region to meet and try to foist their preferences on the rest of the country. Electoral mandates are given to not individuals but to the political parties which are accountable ultimately.

“Anybody who agitates for state police is one who does not appreciate the challenges facing the Nigerian police. Unless the Nigeria Police Force is made up of adequately trained and equipped personnel, it will still fail to deliver on its mandate. We cannot contemplate alternative security outfits. What is more, given the nation’s experience with state electoral commissions which state governors have used to kill democracy at local government level, the fear that governors will abuse state police cannot be dismissed with a wave of hand. Furthermore, state police will compound security challenges in states that are populated by diverse groups.”

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