How gunmen killed Alex Badeh
The former Chief of Defense Staff, Air Chief Marshal Alex Badeh was in his Toyota Tundra truck with registration number MUB 396 AA when he was shot by some unknown gunmen at a location in Gitata community on Keffi-Bade road, Nasarawa State.

Some Gitata residents said the deceased was coming from his farm between Koso and Kugwaru communities when he was shot. They said though Mararaba was closer to the farm, the dilapidation of the road made the choice of Panda road off the Keffi-Bade highway better.
The truck windscreen was pierced by bullets, its windows shattered, its bonnet ridden with bullets. The front tyre of the passenger side was blown out. Witnesses to the incident never knew it was Bade in the vehicle at the time of the attack until the Air Force announced his death.
“This very man was coming with his car, Tundra, when he now switched on his head light. Then they started shooting at his car,” he said, adding that he counted about 10 gunshots before he fled into the bush in fear until he was called out by his colleagues after the gunmen left.
“When they went there, they saw the driver injured on the arm and another man already dead in the car. He was shot in the stomach,” he said through an interpreter.
He said the soldiers wrapped a bandage around the injured driver’s arm.
 Ade said he was at his makeshift shop where he sells car spare parts when he saw the Tundra go by on the road on Tuesday. Few minutes later, soldiers at the Gitata checkpoints were seen speeding in opposite direction.
Ade said by then he knew something was going on and was not surprised when he later heard that a man was killed by some gunmen before the soldiers got there.
“It was this morning (Wednesday) that I got to know that the man was prominent. This month it is up to two times, two weeks ago they operated and kidnapped about six people,” he said.

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