Real reason other tribes in Nigeria hate Igbo people – Ohanaeze

President-General of Ohanaeze Ndigbo, Chief John Nnia Nwodo, has revealed why Igbo people are allegedly hated by other tribes in the country.

He stated this while insisting that the challenges facing the Igbo nation have not been addressed.
Nwodo spoke at a two-day Igbo Day Celebration in Owerri, at the Imo State palace of the Traditional Rulers Council. The event was hosted by the Imo State Governor, Rochas Okorocha.
According to Nwodo, the solution to the challenges in the country would be to restructure Nigeria completely.
Nwodo said, “Restructuring Nigeria will end the marginalisation in the Southeast and South South part of this country.
“This problem which started for decades have not been addressed by successive governments and it is the reason for which we are experiencing these levels of agitations in the country.
“Ndigbo have had and are still having unmitigated hatred from other tribes in Nigeria as a result of their industry and perseverance.”

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Wilson Epetelomiran
With due respect to an Elder statesman, President General of Ndigbo, Chief John Nwodo, I beg to disagree with his statement that the reason other tribes in Nigeria hate Ndigbo is because of their industry and perseverance. All other tribes in the country cannot hate a people for positive traits such as industry and perseverance as mentioned by Chief Nwodo. As a people if you discover that everybody around you hate you, then it is time for you to do a critical unbiased appraisal of yourself.
Tresor Mambo
Nigeria hate Igbos because Igbos are Light, and all nigeria is Darkness, you know it is the truth
John Holies Anumba
Light and darkness can't be same.....just like Israeli and it's neighbours
Olubunmi Anike BinitieTresor Mambo ....Precisely why you cannot get along with anybody else - YOU ARE ARROGANT AND YOU LIE TO YOURSELVES ABOUT WHAT YOU REALLY ARE!!

And you are not even ashamed to say ANYTHING no matter how false and ridiculous it is!! Is that LIGHT?? Imagine this rubbish you posted??

And you people hate everybody else becos we refuse to bow to your lies! Where is the light in you when you are full of lies? Satan is the father of liars and he lives in darkness!!

Tresor Mambo
The Igbos are the replicas of God's nature on earth,
The light and darkness cannot dwell together, one must vacate.
So the Igbos, whom Yakubu Gowon and Obasanjo wanted to annihilate are the Light, and can never be annihilated.
That is why in 195 countries of the world, Igbos now have a strong community in each of the countries.
Olubunmi Anike Binitie
Tresor Mambo... Sure! Communities where crime reigns and they are fighting and killing you everyday!

You run away from here becos you can't live with the other tribes, yet you are in conflict wherever you go, bringing shame to the nation!

Pride is the nature of the devil and never the image of the true living God. You claim to be Christians but idolatry is your real religion!! Repent of your delusions of grandeur and humble yourselves and learn to live in LOVE!!
Ifeanyi Ify
Olubunmi Anike Binitie.. No madam...we are on a mission to recover our common wealth your father stole from Nigeria. ...ok
John Adah Ogwuche
I do not hate the Igbo but dislike their political character. They lack unity of purpose. For how long will the Igbo continue to betray his brother for a plate of poridge? For how long will the Igbo continue to place themselves on a second class citizenship platform? I dislike the Igbo for these reasons. I want to see the Igbo waking up from political slumber and the Idoma nation especially will fraternize with them. I love the Igbo nation but dislike their lack of cohesiveness. All one hears from them, is, "we endorse this one, we do not endorse this one" When will they and other tribes queue behind the Igbo candidate? Shalom!
Olubunmi Anike Binitie
It is a lie to say other tribes hate Ibos for their industry etc. That makes no sense whatsoever becos every tribe in Nigeria has its talents and God intends that a combination of all tribal talents would combine to make a great nation. It is sad that a leader is saying this lie openly for youths to hear and believe.

The only problem between Ibos and the other tribes is that they have a superiority complex and believe they are better than all other tribes. They try to look down on other tribes and we vehemently reject that and refuse to feel inferior to them and Ibos see that as hatred. It is really the Ibos that hate all other tribes becos we refuse to believe we are inferior to them and reject being dominated by them.

As well, their youths have no respect for elders and we Yorubas will never tolerate that!

By the time you feel everybody hates you, it means it is time to check yourself to see what you are doing wrong!!
Chukwudi Obumneme
To start with,this report is totally false and misleading,Prof Nwodo never made such a stupid statement that every body in Nigeria hate Igbos,what is true of his statement is that some Nigerians hate igbosIbecause of their nature which is that they are industrious and perseverance spirit.Again igbos are republicans who does not follow any mortal like cow so many tribes who can't understand why Igbos behave like that tends to fear Igbos which we translate as hate.
Olubunmi Anike Binitie
Chukwuma Obumneme... Fear you Ibos, for what? It is simple pride that makes you not to have respect for your elders and let them lead you aright. Where have you ever seen a people who can't follow their leaders?? Pride!!
Ifeanyi Ify
Even if nwodo made such statement ....He is on point ....the truth is very clear.....days are gone when people are afraid to speak the truth.
Bayo Bamiduro
The Igbo definitely hAve positive qualities and attributes. Industry, creativeness, adventure, endurance, self-cinfidence, optimism, high survival instinct and a lot more. But they are largely ingrates, arrogant, bad guests, seniority complex, selfishness. They could be excellent subordinates but possessive masters. They could be great loyal friends. But every tribe in Nigeria has its positime and negative sides, redeeming and non-redeeming attributes, beautiful and ugly characteristics, I.e. good and bad sides. Pa Nwodo is implying that every other tribe hates the Igbo. No, the converse is the truth, the Igbo hates every other tribe. The truth is that the Igbo needs every other tribe, the SW is too small to accommodate the Igbo race given their industry and adventurous tendencies.
Ifeanyi Ify
Igbos are borne to succed. ...that is just the hatred
Ifeanyi IfyIf federal republic of Nigeria feel that the Igbos are out of control. ..And they have nothing to offer ....then allow the to go.

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